How To Retire Early

Early Retirement – How To Retire by 40

Early Retirement – How to Retire by 40

How to Retire by 40 with Wealthy Affiliate

In my previous article about how to retire early and make some money on the internet, I tried to overview different possibilities, the best being Wealthy Affiliate. Let me stress it again- making money on the internet is possible, indeed, but it’s definitely not a get-paid-for-no-work scheme. Nobody would ever be willing to pay you for the work you didn’t do.

The method I had tried, tested and described was using Wealthy Affiliate. With Wealthy Affiliate, you get a bunch of free hosted websites, lessons and all the help in the world regarding internet marketing and affiliate marketing.

What Internet Marketing is about?

If you are still wondering what internet marketing is about? it would do some good for you to take a quick look at my Wealthy Affiliate Review. I have seen dozens of people in my work-circle alone who have given up on affiliate marketing because they get impatient and give up too quickly.

It is definitely possible to earn an income from the internet but it takes dedication and consistent work to make it happen. It stands to reason that you’re not going to be able to put a website up this week and be making a terrific income in a month’s time. You need to allow about 12 months for your business to be making a decent income.

what internet marketing is aboutIt’s easy to get discouraged when you lose your way, not just in affiliate marketing, but life in general. The sole purpose of this post is to motivate the readers with an example of how perseverance alone can see you through your problems.

Real Life Case Study

This is a real life incident, though the names are changed, for obvious reasons. This study is about Rachel, a very charming woman who loved being a full time mother to her two children, James, who is 8 years old and Millie, who is 5. Rachel had a knack for cooking healthy food for children and making it taste good too.

what is internet marketing aboutDuring her months as a stay-at-home Mom, Rachel decided to try her hand at internet marketing. She was looking for a way to make it possible for her to continue being a stay at home Mom after Millie started school. She wondered if she could turn her love of cooking healthy recipes for kids into an online business.

Can anyone guess what happened next? Of course, we’ve all been there. Rachel got entangled in the web of “GET RICH QUICK” and “DO NOTHING AND GET PAID LOTS” internet scams that can turn any sane person into a greedy lunatic.

She tried a bunch of those trickster schemes, and very quickly became discouraged about making money off the internet. The bills were piling up and Rachel’s dream of being a full time, stay at home Mom was quickly fading. It just seemed an impossible thing to achieve.

When I talked to her recently, she told me that the ONLY productive thing she managed to do in that phase of her life was to spend some quality time with her kids, get to know them, drop them off for school and cook healthy food for them.

Rachel had to find a job!

Good things hardly ever last for long, and Rachel did need to find a job again just to make ends meet. Her little ‘home-vacation’ was over and before long she was slogging it off between home and office, every week. Her days got cluttered with more things to do than one could manage in 24 hours.

These things, as they often do, started reflecting in her life at home too. She couldn’t give enough time to her kids; she didn’t know what was happening at their schools. This negligence towards her kids started gnawing at her from the inside and soon she had to give in when she couldn’t make it home early on her birthday.

therapistShe decided that it was time to seek help. She went to see a therapist and she was advised to take some time off from her work to cool down a bit. She did what was asked of her and took two weeks off. Staying at home for those two week brought some refreshing memories back to her from her time of being a stay at home Mom earlier.

Rachel started thinking about her knack for cooking healthy food for children. All Moms would know how difficult it is to get the kids to eat some healthy stuff, they just don’t want it. So, we have to give Rachel some credit for managing to achieve the unachievable.

healthy food for childrenShe started paying more attention to the kids and started to try her hand at healthy cooking once again. While looking up some recipes on the internet, she stumbled upon a blog that was run by a stay-at-home-Mom, who was just about her age. She managed to get in touch with the blogger and she was amazed to know the sheer number of people reading that blog.

It was what they call a moment of revelation for Rachel. She wondered if her unanswered question ‘can you make money with internet marketing?’ finally seemed to end up in an affirmative way. She did some good old ‘digging’ on the internet, got herself better acquainted with the world of internet marketing and from her past experiences, stayed away from scams and phonies.

Rachel joined Wealthy Affiliate

A few days into her time off from work, she was already better informed about internet marketing and blogging. She was lucky enough to come across Wealthy Affiliate, which she joined for free. She got involved with the Wealthy Affiliate community, and quickly realized that if she were serious about learning internet marketing, she needed access to all aspects of Wealthy Affiliate and she quickly upgraded. She told me later, she knew she was in the best hands.

She set up her own website that dealt with healthy snacks for kids and other fun recipe ideas for Moms. Rachel had learned more in her first week with Wealthy Affiliate, than she had in all her time as a stay home Mom.  Joining Wealthy Affiliate was the best decision she had ever made.

She followed the step by step, task based lessons provided by Wealthy Affiliate and before she knew it, her website was starting to take shape. She started off with simple healthy recipes and then moved on to videos. She also learned SEO techniques, and it wasn’t too long before she managed to achieve a steady stream of visitors. You can take a look at Lesson 1 HERE.

Rachel did have to return to work, but only part time as she was determined to keep her website up and running and supply her readers with the best content about cooking healthy snacks for kids. It was hard but Rachel was inspired by her progress and was confident she could turn it into her full time career.

likeThe word got around; people started sharing her recipes across Facebook and Twitter. With the help of Wealthy Affiliate, Rachel soon managed to monetize her website by advertising quality products that complemented her recipes. A win-win situation, I’d say.

After some successful months of this endeavour, Rachel was able to give up her demanding and boring desk-job and she could concentrate all her efforts on expanding her website and helping other Mom’s cook healthy meals for children.

But wait, it gets better!

Ever since she got herself established in the internet marketing business, Rachel grew more confident, her family life improved a whole lot more and she was finally able to actually see her children grow, happy in the knowledge she was doing everything to keep them healthy and happy.

When I last spoke with her recently, on her 40th birthday, she said, creating and maintaining her website was definitely not easy- but it was worth it. At no point, she said, did it feel like ‘work’. I had never seen her happier and more content.

grow moneyIn conclusion, you CAN make money with internet marketing. You need to get some facts clear, however. There are no ‘free work from home jobs for moms’ or for anyone, for that matter. It’s extremely important to separate the wheat from the chaff.

The point is, if Rachel, and many other people, can manage it, so can anyone. All it takes are efforts put in the right direction and the unbreakable resolve. With Wealthy Affiliate, you get all the hard-work bundled into one package. It’s possible, by all means, to ‘retire’ by 40. Early retirement doesn’t come free, though. You just need to work harder today. But as they say, if you enjoy it, it will never feel like work.

How Did Rachel Do It?


If you have been able to achieve early retirement either through Wealthy Affiliate, or any other way, I would love to hear how you did it. You could leave me a message below or contact me through my Wealthy Affiliate profile.


I hope you are having a wonderful day!

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  1. Jason

    Wow, this is a great article. I really love how you shared this information through a story and loved the video too!

    I definitely am going to find out more about Wealthy Affiliate. Thanks for this information and the recommendation!


    1. Kerry Bramham (Post author)

      Thank you Jason for your very kind words. I am amazed at how much I am learning at Wealthy Affiliate and I am having lots of fun along the way.
      I very much appreciate your comments.

  2. Sarah

    Well I would love to retire by 40! Oh wait, I am already over 40! And I am not yet retired… 🙁

    So early retirement will have to come after 40 for me! Although in many ways, I haven’t had a formal job for years! However, I also haven’t found my way to being financially free or even stable either! I have seen plenty of ideas but how do you know that they will definitely work? I have paid money for things in the past and then nothing has happened, so how do you know that this one idea will work?

    1. Kerry Bramham (Post author)

      Hi Sarah,
      I tried many other things on the internet before I found Wealthy Affiliate. I see success stories everyday within the WA community and know it is working for many people. This is a very reasonably priced program that covers your website and hosting, but the best thing about WA is the help you get from the community.
      The people that gain the most success are the ones who follow the training and take action. This isn’t a get rich overnight program and it does take some work on your part, but it is very satisfying to see your efforts start to pay off.
      I highly recommend this program.


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