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Getting Started with Wealthy Affiliate

It all starts with an idea! If you are like most people, you probably have hobbies or interests that you are passionate about, you know, the things you like to do in you leisure time. Having a hobby is actually very good for you and can have a very positive affect on you psyche. A hobby can help you forget your daily problems and you can derive a lot of pleasure from a having a hobby.

Not all of us can find the time to follow our passions, but there is as way you could pursue your hobby and turn it into a very profitable business. Let me first ask you:-

What are you Passionate about?

fishinggardening sewingtraveling

Whether it’s Fishing, Gardening, Sewing or Travel…

No matter what your passion is, I can show you how you to turn that passion into a profitable and sustainable, long term business, working online from your home. Before we get started, you will first need to understand What Is Niche Marketing? Niche marketing is about marketing to a very specific audience who share a common interest. In short – A group of people with the same interests or passions.

earthwormIf you have a particularly strange hobby, say Worm Farming, and you think there wouldn’t be too many other like mined people in the world, remember, there are 2 billion people using and searching the internet every day for specific information about various things. After doing a quick check, using the Wealthy Affiliate free keywords research tool, I discovered there are actually 3545 searches a month for the Keywords – Worm Farming. So, you see, Worm Farming is a Niche. We will talk more about Niche Marketing at a later date.

You will also be learning How To Build Websites. As scary as this sounds, Wealthy Affiliate actually make this part really easy and I vow to help you in any way I can. We will have you building websites like a pro in no time at all.

I would like to be very honest with you right from the start and let you know that I have just started with Wealthy Affiliate on 6th January 2015. I have for some time wondered how to learn more about affiliate marketing, and then I saw a post on Facebook and I was taken to the 1st Lesson of getting started with Wealthy Affiliate. I must say, I was impressed with what I saw there. The lesson was conducted by Kyle, co-owner (with Carson) of this wonderful program. I love Kyle’s tutorials and have come to think of him as my personal trainer.

By me being totally honest with you, you will be able to see my progress right from the beginning and maybe you will want to come join me and we can help each other. This is quite easy and I believe anyone, who is prepared to do the work, follow the program and take action can turn their passion into not only a thriving online business, it can also allow you to Retire Early and live well.

Here’s what you get when you sign up for FREE:-
(no credit card needed)

2 FREE Websites

  • Fully functional WordPress Sites that are easy to set up.

FREE Hosting

  • Free hosting? High quality, state of the art hosting for your websites that could easily cost you up to $249 per month (comparable standard).

Personal support and help

  • Personal help from me (Username: kerrybramham)
  • 24 hour help from the community of tens of thousands of users
  • Ongoing discussions
  • Live chat.

Step by step training

  • 10 Lessons that will help you get your website up and running
  • Tutorials
  • Video classes
  • courses

I started as a free member (as most people do) and was very warmly greeted by Kyle & Carson and many other people from the Wealthy Affiliate Community. Once I started going through the 1st Lesson which, as I said earlier, I was very impressed with, I knew this is what I had been looking for. I still took the full seven days to look around and find out just how much help is available within the Wealthy Affiliate Community. What I found was truly amazing, there are people among this community that are running multi million dollar businesses and they are willing (even eager) to help you and show you exactly how they do it.

Following the lessons is like looking over Kyle’s shoulders and learning how to do things the right way. Kyle has had 11 years or so experience at this and knows what works. The next step is to apply what you have learned and take action. Taking action is the one single thing that you must do to see results.

All this for ZERO Dollars! You will not find training this extensive or get this much support anywhere else. Choose the ‘Starter’ option below and take the first step to turning your passion into a thriving online business today! You will get instant access to the Wealthy Affiliate Community as soon as you have filled in your details.
wealthy affiliate comparison

I would love to help you turn your passion into a thriving online business and in doing so show you How To Retire Early. Please feel free to contact me either through my Wealthy Affiliate Profile or you could leave a comment below.

Hope you have a wonderful day!

kerry bramham




Watch a Wealthy Affiliate Walkthrough – How You Can Benefit With WA.

wealthy affiliate walkthrough

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  1. Bob Clato

    I say you have something here.


    1. Kerry Bramham

      Thanks Bob,
      I am really enjoying the experience. I have a long way to go yet, but I am getting there. I appreciate your comment.

  2. Peter

    Hello Kerry This is a very clever site, with nice graphic and images, showing people that almost anything can be turned into a niche like ‘worm farming’ 3545 searches a month wow really…ha ha

    Too often people don’t know where to start when thinking about building a business online and you have broken it down in a simple way that most people can relate to.

    Pleased to see you are also promoting a quality education platform Wealthy affiliate which is an awesome for people to get an education about building
    a business online.

    Keep up the good work 🙂

    1. Kerry Bramham (Post author)

      Hi Peter,

      Yes, who would have thought that worm farming would get so many searches? It does show you that just about anything you are interested in can be turned into an online business. Wealthy Affiliate is definitely the best place to learn how.

      Thank you for your kind words.


  3. San

    Hello Kerry,
    Funny, I was reading your article and then you said worm farming.
    My family did that for years, we sold night crawlers for bait to the fishing shops and local stores. It was a smelly business to say the least.
    I found it funny you brought that up.
    I like the idea of using your hobbies and interests to make a business online and I will be using some of your information to get it going.
    Thanks for the ideas,

    1. Kerry Bramham (Post author)

      Hi San,

      That is funny about your family being worm farmers! Maybe they could build an online business about it, with the knowledge they must have gained while farming them.

      The great thing about building a business around your hobbies or interest is that you will really enjoy it.

      I wish you the best for your business.


  4. damien

    Kerry, what a lovely page. From the classy color picture at the top to the graphics and colored headings throughout.
    I couldn’t resist hitting some of your links and most say you sound very convincing in your arguments about WA
    Can I ask you does the wordpress dashboard provide such graphics as i could do with a few on my site?
    Good page!


    1. Kerry Bramham (Post author)

      Hi Damo,

      Thank you for your lovely comments about my website. I only changed my header picture yesterday so I am glad you like it. I have a few places where I source photos from, some I have to pay for. There is a wp plugin called foter that is free and you can get some good photos there. Canva is great for making headers and banners etc.

      I hope this helps


  5. alisonklingvall

    Hi Kerry,

    I really enjoyed your article and you explained beautifully how internet marketing is really accessible to anyone. I loved that you used worm farming as an example and explained that we are all at least semi-experts in our areas of interest. That alone is a very empowering thought, especially for someone who might be struggling.
    I was drawn in and had a look at a few more of your articles and you have a beautiful site with really sound and practical advice.
    Thanks very much,

    1. Kerry Bramham (Post author)

      Thank you so much Alison, that means a lot. I think we all doubt our abilities at times, so it is lovely to hear that you like my website. I really enjoy tending to it as well as working my way through the training modules with Wealthy Affiliate. There are seven modules and I still have three to go but I feel I have come a long way.

      Getting started with Wealthy Affiliate was the best thing I have ever done and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to make Internet Marketing their future.

      I wish you the best.


  6. Neil

    For many people, getting started with any online business is a tricky one because of the scams!

    However, from this page, Wealthy Affiliate sounds like the place where any new starter should be because the program offers so much when it comes to training, tools and help.

    It’s awesome that people are given the opportunity to join WA for free because not many programs give you that chance these days.

    Thank You, Kerry!

    1. Kerry Bramham (Post author)

      Hi Neil,

      I love the fact that you can join for free and see if Wealthy Affiliate is for you. It is definitely the best place to get started, especially if you are new to internet marketing.

      I have learned so much since I joined WA and would strongly recommend it to anyone, whether you are just starting out or have been internet marketing for a while. There are so many aspects to internet marketing and Wealthy Affiliate is the best place to learn.

      I appreciate your comments.


  7. Rob S.

    I just recently retired. I wish I had found Wealthy Affiliate a long time ago. But I am glad that I did find it and join. I don’t need a full time income, but my goal is to help people get what they are looking for and as I follow the training in Wealthy Affiliate, I feel I am getting steps closer to my goals. Trust me when I say that you cannot find a better opportunity anywhere.

    1. Kerry Bramham (Post author)

      Hi Rob,

      I too wish I had found Wealthy Affiliate sooner, but better late than never I guess. I totally agree that you cannot find a better opportunity anywhere, the training is amazing and the WA community are so helpful when it comes to reaching your goals.

      I wish you every success.



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