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Is DS Domination A Scam? DS Domination Review.

Is DS Domination A Scam?

dsdominationName of the service:
DS Domination

Who runs this service?
DS Domination was co founded by the trio of online marketing experts Roger Langille, Hitesh Juneja and Kevin Hokoana.

URL of this service:

What would it cost you?
Starting from $19.95 per month, plans go as high as $1499.

Is it easy to use for the average person?
It’s fairly easy but needs some getting used to before reaching good efficiency levels.

Will I recommend it to you?
For readers in North America, most certainly. I had my doubts about the utility of DS Domination for Australian users. Please read through this DS Domination review for an elaboration.

Overall Score:
95/100 (for the US users

50/100 (for Australian users) or people outside the USA

DS Domination Review

I came across DS Domination (stylised sometimes as D$ Domination, for obvious reasons) about a year ago through an acquaintance of mine. Although I had heard about drop shipping quite a few times at various forums and blogs, I hadn’t really given it a thought. When I looked up DS Domination, it was a real surprise for me to see close to 100,000 people actually subscribing to a drop shipping training course. So I decided to go a little deeper and give it a go myself. Here’s what I came to know about DS Domination.

What is DS Domination about?

DS Domination is basically a learning tool for those who want to use drop shipping to their benefit in order to reap profits from commission sales. DS Domination, in principle, works best with eBay but I noticed that some of the more enterprising member had gone to use other seller websites for drop shipping.

What DS Domination will offer you is a course in drop shipping. Since many people (including myself) weren’t so familiar with the way drop shipping actually works, this can be a great help to learn new things and to help maintain a steady efficiency in your drop shipping endeavour. Is DS Domination a simple route to profits? Maybe not. Some work is definitely involved in learning stuff and setting up your eBay accounts but that’s what makes it a legit tool.

DS Domination was founded in 2013 by three vastly experienced marketing professionals, Hitesh Juneja, Roger Langille and Kevin Hokoana. While still fairly new to be called an ‘established’ name in the world of online marketing, DS Domination has been among the most popular and trusted alternatives to make money on the internet. In a short span of 2 years, the company has had a loyal base of subscribers and users.

That said, I think it is imperative to explain what drop shipping is in the first place, for the sake of readers who aren’t familiar with the concept.

How does drop shipping work?

how does drop shipping work

How does drop shipping work?

What drop shipping is about.

If you have a website with access to customers who are willing to buy products (think of eBay, Amazon Marketplace or your own websites), you can receive orders from these customers and ship the products to their addresses directly from the websites that offer these products for a lesser price.

Here’s an example. Suppose you are an eBay seller in good standing and your major sales come through hand crafted souvenirs and such gift items. Now you want to expand your product range to hand crafted jewellery. While you cannot manufacture hand crafted jewellery yourself, you can easily find stores that sell these items for lesser prices.

So what you need to do is list these items on your eBay page and take orders from the buyers who are interested. Now, place these orders on to the other website that actually sells this stuff and have them shipped directly to the customers. What you receive as the margin between these two prices is your profit.

Since you don’t actually manufacture, trade or even store the inventory for these products, drop shipping is virtually risk free. It’s just another form of salesmanship, only for the exception that you won’t have to deal with unsold inventory, ever!

DS Domination: Pricing plans and other products

dollarsI wrote about what DS Domination is and how it works in the earlier part of this post. Now I’m going to summarize the products and tutorials offered by DS Domination for the subscribers.

Pro Training Course ($19.95 per month)

This is the very beginning of DS Domination subscriptions. Pro Training Course, priced fairly at $19.95 per month, starts with detailed tutorials and training webinars about drop shipping as a tool of online marketing. Some other basic tutorials will help you properly set up your eBay seller account and integrate your PayPal account with your eBay account to receive funds directly into your PayPal account.

In this DS Domination Pro course, the main supplier that will be used is Amazon. This course doesn’t cover much more than the basics of drop shipping but it’s a must have for those who are just starting out with drop shipping. The average profit margins received for this basic plan are relatively lower at $3 to $15 per product.

In addition, DS Domination will take care of your initial orders for you till you get used to the system.

Elite Training Course ($99.95 per month)

This is the next step of the DS Domination training modules. Priced a little too high in my opinion, this Elite Training Course is still very useful for people who would want to learn the techniques of eBay selling.

In the DS Domination Elite Training Course, you will be taught how to rank different products based on search terms and seller standings. This is very similar to SEO techniques of website ranking, as many of the bloggers out there might already know. This is fairly important because the number of sales you make will be directly dependent on the number of people who see what you are selling.

In DS Domination Elite Training Course, some other websites other than Amazon will be used as suppliers and average profits will be higher, too (around $50 to $120 per product).

Unleashed Training Course ($249 one time purchase)

This training course, named extravagantly as Unleashed Training Course, is a onetime purchase at $249. This is pretty similar in nature to the Elite Training course but this course shares advanced techniques of monetary optimizations with eBay and PayPal to reduce the surcharges (from 15% to up to 6%) and increase profits.

The average profits per product also go up to $130 to $500.

Monopoly Training Course ($499 one time purchase)

Meant for serious drop shipping marketers, Monopoly Training Course is an ultimate tool in enhancing your profit margins. In earlier courses, DS Domination offered techniques to sell items from Amazon on eBay. But in Monopoly Training Course, you will learn how to use suppliers from Unleashed and Elite courses to sell products on Amazon! Since there are a whole lot more buyers on Amazon and relatively fewer sellers, you will have lesser competition. Also, with Amazon, you don’t need to rank too many items to get good standing. Even one product per day is enough to reap profits.

Genesis Training Course ($1499 one time purchase)

upsellsThis final step in the DS Domination courses is the most expensive one and is meant only for people who have used earlier courses and are ready to take on bigger challenges.

To put it briefly, in this Genesis Training Course, you will be taught how to leverage wholesalers from countries like China to retailers in your country, while bagging the profits.

My personal experience with DS Domination

While I didn’t use all of the training courses myself, what I saw was definitely satisfactory. A lot of people seem to ask questions like ‘is DS Domination a scam?’ and I would love to answer that straightway.

NO! DS Domination is definitely not a scam. To review DS Domination in one sentence; It’s a well reputed company and users from the US can surely use it to a good effect to earn steady profits. In saying that, you really do need to opt for one of the more expensive training courses if you hope to make a full time career of it.

As an Australian myself, I was quite disappointed to realize that DS Domination just wouldn’t work for me. I really wanted to find a solid internet company that I could make some real money with. I had tried a few MLM businesses and decided they just weren’t for me.

What has worked for me?

waA few months ago, I was lucky enough to come across a company called Wealthy Affiliate. I liked that you could join for free, which I did and allowed myself some time to look around. I must say, I was very impressed with what I saw. You can read my Wealthy Affiliate Review HERE.

I am amazed at what I have been able to achieve since I joined Wealthy Affiliate. Finally, I am learning the right way to go about internet marketing. By following the task based lessons, I have managed to build this website and am learning all about how to run a successful business online.

It does take some hard work and dedication but it is very satisfying to watch my website grow. It is also very satisfying to see my website traffic increase on a daily basis. I love Wealthy Affiliate and I can’t wait to see where I will be in 12 months.

Is DS Domination A Scam?

My verdict on DS Domination is that it is:-

Totally Legit

Especially if you live is the USA. For people who live outside the US, I would urge you to take a closer look at Wealthy Affiliate.

If you have had your own experience with DS Domination, good or bad, I would love to hear what you have to say. You could leave me a message below or contact me through my Wealthy Affiliate Profile.

Whatever you choose, I wish you every success.

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