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Is Dubli A Scam?

dubli networkIs Dubli A Scam?

Product Name: Dubli Network
Owner: Michael Hansen
Website URL: (Business Associates)
Cost: From $99 to $2475 then $49.50 per month
Overall Rating: 60/100

If you are thinking about joining Dubli, either as a Customer or as a Dubli Business Associate, please read my review about my experiences with both and

I would like to state that I am no longer affiliated with Dubli Network . However, between the years of 2008 – 2011, I was involved with Dubli, both as a Dubli Business Associate and as a Dubli Customer. Although I chose to discontinue my association with Dubli as a Business Associate, I have remained a Dubli customer.

Dubli Network Review

A global marketing company, Dubli Network offers ordinary people the opportunity to build a referral based business (MLM), around the e-commerce industry by generating income from items that people already buy online every day.

dubli dubotDubli Network is the brainchild of Michael Hansen and was developed back in 2003, although it didn’t launch until 2006 in Europe. They moved into the American market in 2008. When they launched into the American market, their focus was on reverse auctions. Customers would purchase Dubli credits @ 80c each, to make bids on various items. Each time a bid was placed, the item price would come down by 25c. The person with the first unique bid would win the Auction.

Although these types of Reverse Auctions were popular in Europe, they were not such a hit with the US market and Dubli were forced to switch their focus to the Global Shopping Industry. They started developing their Global Shopping Malls, where they would offer their customers cashback on the items they purchased through these malls.

Who is Michael Hansen?

Michael HansenYou already know Michael Hansen founded DubLi, but he is also the President and Chief Executive Officer of DubLi, Inc.  He is the chief strategist at Dubli and is recognized world-wide for his futuristic foresight and his innovative style.

Earlier in his career, LEGO had recruited him to create and design their Space Lego range. He also once owned a very successful franchise chain of Mexican Restaurants, which he sold in 1999, and he has a degree in Mechanical Engineering.

From the first concept Michael Hansen had of Dubli in the early 2000’s untill this very day, he has never lost sight of what he set out to achieve. He has creative control of Dubli and is very much responsible for their success and longevity.

My Experience with Dubli Network

When I first joined Dubli Network, they were in their Reverse Auction Phase and were moving towards their Shopping Mall Phase. Unfortunately, this transition took quite a long time, and I found it hard to keep people motivated. All of the people I had worked so hard to recruit had lost interest and left the Dubli Network.

Because I believed in Michael Hansens’s vision, I stayed on and watched the Shopping Mall’s come to life. It is to be expected that there might be some teething problems in the beginning, and Dubli had their share of them. They also introduced their Entertainment Package, which for me, was a bit of a disappointment. You can read my Review below.

more cashbackI do a bit of online shopping through the Dubli Shopping Malls and I do manage to earn some cashback by doing so. My problem was that I was paying out way more money than I would ever hope to make back by staying with the Dubli Network. I was finding it very hard to get people onboard with Dubli, and that is when I decided to leave the Dubli Network.

How Much can You make with Dubli Network?

The Dubli Network Compensation Plan is a little complicated and has changed somewhat since I was with them. I won’t begin to tell you how much money you could make as a Dubli Business Associate.

Instead, you can watch this short video that will explain it.

Would I Recommend Dubli Network to You?

Dubli have survived for quite some time now and in the internet world, that is saying something! It is fair to say that they must be doing something right. They are starting to see the sort of success that Michael Hansen envisioned. But, before you go getting your credit card out, my advice would be to take a good look around and decide if this type of MLM marketing is for you.

I would take advantage of the fact that you can join for free. Then, take your time, maybe read a few more Dubli Network Reviews, and make up your mind from there.

I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone who is new to online marketing, neither would I recommend it to anyone who has limited resources to start building their business. It is way more expensive than most other MLM programs that are available today.

My Verdict

I don’t believe that Dubli is a scam, from my experience with them, I would say that Dubli is a legitimate business. I would advise you to take a close look at the Dubli Network Program before jumping in and only tackle it if you have the marketing skills and the resources needed to make your business grow.

What would I recommend?

In a way, I have a lot to thank the Dubli Network for. Dubli started a passion in me for internet marketing and I have been on a quest ever since to find an Internet Marketing Opportunity that works for me. I decided to move away from MLM offers and concentrate more on my own abilities to make things happen. I knew there was a formula for online success, I just needed someone to teach me what it was, and how to go about it.

I was lucky enough to come across a company called Wealthy Affiliate, and I knew they could help me realize my dreams. I absolutely love being a part of the Wealthy Affiliate Community and I strongly recommend Wealthy Affiliate to anyone who would like to learn the right way to create a successful online business.


You can read my Wealthy Affiliate Review Here.

Now onto my Review:-.

Product Name: Dubli Fun Shopping
Owner: Michael Hansen
Website URL: (Customer)
Cost: Free – Premium $4.95 – VIP $99 per Year
Overall Rating: 80/100 Review is the product of Dubli Network. Dubli Shopping Mall’s all around the globe offer their customers cashback on items bought through these Malls. Items that people are already purchasing online on a daily basis.
There are three levels of membership, which are:-

Dubli Membership

The Dubli Shopping Mall

Dubli Fun ShoppingAs I stated earlier, I do use the Dubli Shopping Mall when I make purchases online, it just makes sense to buy everything from one place and receive Cashback for doing so.

As a Dubli member, you will also get access to special promotions and discounts on things like travel, accommodation and shopping with new deals and offers added daily. The more you shop, the more cashback you can earn.

I have heard a few complaints about people not receiving the correct amount of cashback, through missing purchases etc., but personally I have never had a problem. What people need to remember is that most retailers have a refund policy, so cashback is only issued after this refund period is over.

Dubli Entertainment

Dubli Entertainment allows you to stream millions of songs and video clips by top artists from around the world. It also gives you access to thousands of radio stations worldwide, plus games. It is free to use, but you have to be a subscription member (either Premium or V.I.P.) to have the ability to save your playlists.

I find there are a few issues with Dubli Entertainment, such as wrong songs being streamed and general loading issues. That being said, it is free and you can have a bit of fun with it.

Dubli Travel

dubli travelDubli partners with dozens of online travel agencies, such as Priceline, Ebookers and Expedia, just to name a few. You can book flights, accommodation, car rentals and holiday packages and get cashback by doing so.

You will see deals, coupons and promotions that you won’t find elsewhere. Even as a free member you will earn cashback on all of your travel bookings, but if you upgrade to a V.I.P. membership you will receive an additional 6% cashback.

Would I recommend to you?

As it is free to join, then yes, I would recommend it. Families today are always looking for ways to save money and if you shop online anyway, why not take advantage of Dubli cashback? It is easy to cover the cost of the V.I.P. membership, by using the Shopping Mall on a regular basis.

If you have had your own experience with or and would like to make a comment, please do so below.

I hope you are having a wonderful day.

Kerry Bramham

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  1. Brad


    My sister was real involved with Dubli for a while. She got rebates on certain stuff and made a little money but nothing what you can make with a company like Wealthy Affiliate. Maybe a good company to go shopping with but that’s about it. You nailed it in your review. Great layout and breakdown as well.

    1. Kerry Bramham (Post author)

      Thanks Brad,
      My time with Dubli was disappointing, to say the least. Wealthy Affiliate is a much better fit for me.
      I really appreciate your feedback.


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