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Pure Leverage Review

Pure Leverage Review

pl bannerName of the service: Pure Leverage.
Who runs this service? Joel Therien
URL of this service:
What would it cost you? $24.95 – $141.90

Overall Score: 20/100

Pure Leverage was founded in 2013 by Joel Therien and is currently run by him under GVO. Joel Therien is a well known name among marketers.

Since its inception, Pure Leverage has been a talking point at a number of blogs, websites and forums for good and bad reasons. It was at one such forum that I came across Pure Leverage and decided to dig a little deeper into this idea of 100% commissions on sales.

To be honest, anything that promises things that are too good to be true should be treated with caution. That’s what I decided to do with Pure Leverage and soon enough I found out I wasn’t much wrong. That’s the sole reason that I decided to prioritize my Pure Leverage review.

Pure Leverage has a host of services that you need to pay for individually. They don’t guarantee good returns unless you figure out how to use them properly- which, was VERY difficult, in my opinion.

How much does Pure Leverage cost?

The pricing structure begins at a modest figure of $24.95 per month, but if you want to be an affiliate and resell their products, you have to pay an extra $19.95 per month, totaling $44.90. The VIP package would cost you a hefty $97 per month on top of the 44.90, totaling $141.90. Not exactly the low price it is offered at, is it?

How much does Pure Leverage Cost

Pure Leverage Pricing

Is Pure Leverage easy to use?

To be honest, I personally found Pure Leverage a tad confusing. There are loads of better alternatives out there and not every beginner would find it easy to get the hang of Pure Leverage quickly. My verdict, NO! Pure Leverage is not easy to use.

Will I recommend Pure Leverage to you?

Considering the overall performance of this service, I just don’t feel Pure Leverage is up to that mark where I would feel confident enough about it to recommend it to others. So, I wouldn’t recommend Pure Leverage for those who seek better auto responders or MLM services.

What exactly is Pure Leverage?

Pure Leverage commissionsTo put it very simply, Pure Leverage is a service that offers you a bunch of marketing tools. These tools are then supposed to be used for better marketing on your websites or blogs and can be used in conjunction with other services too.

One of the things that Pure Leverage tries to emphasize during advertisements and promotions is that they offer 100% commission for sales you make. This, however enticing it may sound, is really ridiculous once you see through the web of service charges and other hidden charges.

So, basically what Pure Leverage does is it lets you sell the same tools you bought to others. This is a very tentative strategy for serious marketers. I would then be justified to doubt the authenticity of the program itself in such cases.

Tools offered by Pure Leverage:

Tools for Pure LeverageWith Pure Leverage, the following multi level marketing tools are available for purchase. There are two levels of operations at Pure Leverage. Basic Level and VIP Level.

Basic Level

Leverage Authority Blog
Leverage Authority Blog is a sort of blog hosting network for those who want easy traffic for their blogs. Again, even moderately experienced bloggers would know that the latest search engine algorithms set up by major players don’t drive easy traffic to click bait blogs.

So, Leverage Authority Blog can’t promise you healthy organic traffic which is what is needed for revenue generation. Pure Leverage traffic generator might be of help if you are just starting out blogging, but then if you are just starting out, I think you would find it all very confusing.

pure leverage capture pageLead Capture System – Easy Lead Flow
If you are not adept at building web pages, this system allows you to put up capture pages to collect leads.  It includes follow up emails that are pre-written to help you with your campaigns. This Lead Capture System is created solely to promote Pure Leverage and if you don’t understand how to get traffic, or you want to promote something else, you won’t find these lead capture pages much good.

The Pure Leverage auto responder is set up by GVO (Global Virtual Opportunities) and is included in the Pure Leverage subscription. It is supposed to generate easy and promising leads for your marketing campaigns or websites. That said, however, there are far better stand-alone auto responders out there (AWeber, GetResponse to name a few) that specialize in email marketing. A Weber have a much more user friendly system and offer your first month free and then it is $19 per month, from there on.

Video E-Mail Services
Using this service, you will be able to embed videos directly in to the emails that you send for marketing. So this is supposed to be used as a follow up for the leads generated using the auto responder offered by Pure Leverage to promote Pure Leverage. Embedding videos into e-mail is nothing new and personally, I had my doubts about the delivery reliability of these e-mails.

Webinars and Video Conferencing
pl video
This is specifically designed for busy multi level marketers to keep a tab on what’s going on at the various levels they handle. The variety of features offered by Pure Leverage Video Conferencing tools are live chats and multi client push-to-talk features. All of these features (and some more) are available free of cost at a variety of video calling mainstream applications like Skype. So, one is left wondering about the pricing structure of Pure Leverage.

Traffic Generation Tutorials
With this tool, you will be taught the various techniques of traffic generation to boost the visitor count of your website or blog in order to generate more revenue through sales or adverts. The techniques they teach are questionable, at best and don’t really delve into main principles of traffic, such as SEO.

VIP Level

In this elite subscription, you will be taught how to optimize all the tools that are out there to leverage the costs and increase the profits. A variety of features like full support and team building techniques that are not included in the basic level are offered in this VIP Level subscription.

Here’s what I think about Pure Leverage

I decided to give Pure Leverage a go only after repeatedly coming across the name in a variety of places online. I was sceptical about the 100% commission part to begin with, and I didn’t find anything to prove my doubts baseless.

confusedI did stick with it for a few months, but quickly realized that it was just too confusing. Yes, there was training but it was more for promoting Pure Leverage rather than any other program that I personally wanted to promote.

During the months I was with Pure Leverage, I was bombarded with about 50 or so emails a month, trying to encouraging me to upgrade or offering me ‘once in a lifetime’ or ‘never to be seen again’ offers.

For the majority of users who don’t have much experience or a midsized marketing business, Pure Leverage might not be of much use. Such people can still go for the basic level membership ($24.95 per month) as it doesn’t cost much and give it a try.

But in my opinion, Pure Leverage doesn’t provide good return for your money, and since there are a number of better options available, I would not recommend it to the most of my readers. Pure leverage reviews haven’t been too encouraging either, at other places online.

pros and cons of pure leverage

Pros of Pure Leverage

  • The starting price is fairly lower than most of the similar services.
  • How-to-guides are available online.

Cons of Pure Leverage

  • The 100% commissions that are promised are not quite true. When you read the small print, they are for the first month only, then drop down to 50%.
  • The pricing structure for VIP level is way too high for the service provided
  • There is pressure to upgrade to VIP, to avoid missing out on commissions from people who join under you. You only ever earn from the level you join at.
  • Many people I talked to found it very difficult to use Pure Leverage tools to an optimum effect.
  • Many of the promised features are not yet live or not built to perfection.
  • The program is designed more for promoting Pure Leverage than any other business and is basically a MLM program.

As you can see, the Con’s far overshadow the Pro’s and I would highly recommend you stay away from it.


Name of the service: Pure Leverage.

Who runs this service? Joel Therien

URL of this service:

What would it cost you? $24.95 – $141.90

Overall Score: 20/100

Is Pure Leverage a Scam?


pure leverage scam

If you have had your own experience with Pure Leverage, I would love to hear about it. You could leave me a message in the comments section below and I would be happy to get back to you.

If you are tired of being scammed online and want to know what really works…

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I hope you are all having a wonderful day!

kerry bramham


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  1. Paul

    Dear Kerry,

    Wow what a thorough review on Pure Leverage. Thanks for the great review. There are 1000’s of online program claiming they can help you make money online but at the end of the day they are not. Because of the increased number of online scams it is always advisable to do our own research before buying any product. Here comes the great help from your review making my job easy I will come back to your website to learn more information. Thanks again!

    Your Friend,

    1. Kerry Bramham (Post author)

      Hi Paul,
      Thank you for your kind words about my review. You are right that there are many scams around and it is important to do your own due diligence when you are
      considering joining a program.
      I have to be honest and say that I no longer use Pure Leverage as I have found programs I like better such as Wealthy Affiliate and The Conversion Pros.
      These two programs together take care of all of my marketing needs.
      Thanks again for your comments.


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