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Retire Early and Travel

model train photosRetire Early And Travel

Paul and Michelle are an Australian couple in their early 50’s who loved their hobby involving model trains. For some years Paul and Michelle had wanted to attend the annual Model Train Convention, which was held in a different country every year, but so far they hadn’t been able to make it.

Their story starts when Paul was made redundant from his job and decided to do some online searches for starting his own business. He was tired of the everyday grind of working for someone else and the fact that he was over 50 would make it hard for Paul to find work anyway.

He had heard of people making a full-time income and more working from home on the internet and thought he would see what he could find doing some searches in Google.

He liked the idea of being able to spend his days at home with Michelle, working together and wondered if this could really be a possibility?

They never had any idea that their hobby would make it possible for them to retire early and travel! But that is exactly what happened. Read on to find out how.

Paul finds Wealthy Affiliate University

Wealthy Affiliate UniversityWhile searching the internet, Paul kept running into a place called Wealthy Affiliate University. This place claimed it could teach anyone how to build and run a successful home business. Paul felt that this was just the type of resource they were looking for!

He went ahead and took the free starter account and began checking the place out. He loved what he was seeing. They had courses that would walk you through their training with hands-on work and 24/7 live training.

This was looking better and better by the day!

Building The Business

Paul and Michelle went ahead and joined Wealthy Affiliate University as a team and started building their home business around their hobby, model trains.

They followed the Wealthy Affiliate training and soon had their own website up and running. They then started a blog by writing about their hobby daily and pretty soon they started getting a pretty good run of steady visitors to the site and they soon began to figure out that this could turn into a profitable business.

Convention time!

About this time Paul and Michelle decided to finally go ahead and attend the mother of model train conventions, which was to be held this year in South America. They would treat this as a business trip and figured it would be great research for their model train niche.

They both had the time of their lives and ended up coming home with all kinds of ideas to blog about for their new home business they were building.

They were now thinking, hey, this could really work!

Back home again

As soon as Paul and Michelle returned home, they started listing all of the topics they learned were hot topics in the model train niche, and got to work.

Within the next 6 weeks, they were gaining traffic daily and building up quite a mailing list and customer base. They went ahead and built an online store for their website and started selling model train accessories and everything involving model trains.

model train authorityNow a model train authority

As their business grew their website soon became the place to go for model train info, merchandise and convention schedules.

They had now been working this business for about a year and life was getting pretty good. They had steady money coming in, steady traffic to their website and were becoming quite well known in the model train circuit.

Income was pouring in and Paul and Michelle were setting up trips to conventions all over the world and the business was covering all the expenses plus running their household!

Paul and Michelle could now travel around the world and enjoy their hobby by attending conventions and using these trips as opportunities for more business!

They had successfully built a home business around their hobby, and they now share their story with anyone who will listen to them.

retire early and travelWealthy Affiliate University

Paul was lucky to find this place and was smart enough to see they really had everything a person needs to create and build any business online and he was very glad he took the plunge. The results were beyond anything he and Michelle could have ever imagined.

They are both now full-time home business owners who are travelling the world doing what they love.

This opportunity is still available for anyone who wants to follow Paul and Michelle’s path and it is my recommendation to anyone wanting to start their own home business.

If you would like more info on Wealthy Affiliate University and see what this place can do for you please see my Wealthy Affiliate Review.

take the plungeCome on, take the plunge!

If you have an early retirement story of your own, I would love to hear it. You can contact me by leaving a message below.

I hope you are having a really awesome day.

kerry bramham

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  1. PAULA

    What a great story! That is exactly what I am working towards, I’m now 43 years old and would like to retire at 50 buy a yacht and travel the world by sea, I am hoping what I learn at Wealthy Affiliate and put into practise will earn me a steady passive income while at sea. I have 7 years which is plenty of time to achieve my goal.
    One day we will leave this world behind so live a life you will remember!
    Thanks for the inspirational story.

    1. Kerry Bramham (Post author)

      Hi Paula,
      The thing about this story is that this lifestyle is achievable for anyone, with the right training. Imagine, sailing the seven seas and writing about your adventures! I wish you all the best to make your dreams come true. You are certainly on the right path with Wealthy Affiliate.
      Your comments are much appreciated.

  2. Jay

    This is a lovely written piece, I like the interaction with the images, are these your own images? I’ve never seen any like this and I view lots of image sites.

    It was almost like reading my own autobiography, I’d love to retire and focus on music, as that’s my passion. I have my music website, so I’ve put the wheels in motion.

    I like your choice of theme too, it’s clean and looks very slick.


    1. Kerry Bramham

      Thanks Jay,

      Your words are very encouraging. I generally source my photos from places like graphicstock, where I have a membership, so I have access to unlimited photos. I also find google images quite good but you need to make sure you are picking photos that are free to share and modify.

      I do like to have fun with the photos on my site and love to work in photoshop.

      Good luck with your music business, I’m sure you will do great.


  3. JohnCWS

    Hey Kerry.

    This is an awesome story. I hope its a true story! .. “Anyone can do it” – Everyone can have their own success story with time and dedication and the right tools! You provide great information about WA and I’m sure anyone that signs up will love it. Here’s to everyone’s success!

    Also, just want to add that traveling around sounds awesome! Who wouldn’t want that lifestyle?

    1. Kerry Bramham

      Hi John,

      It is based on a true story and was my inspiration to get started with Wealthy Affiliate. I believe that anyone can do this, no matter what your interests are. It does take time and effort though but is very worth while if you want to live this sort of lifestyle.

      Wealthy Affiliate is certainly the best place I have ever found to learn affiliate marketing.

      Thanks for your comments, they are much appreciated.


  4. Bill808

    Great story, and it really pulls a reader in and drags the through to the call to action. Whether it is a true story or just fiction based on facts doesn’t matter. Stories sell.

    It is better if you tell your success story or if you don’t have a success story use your uplines. Interview successful people in your niche and write their story. Even better if they will allow you to use their contact information.

    There is a copywriting formula that works:
    1. Find a problem
    2. Offer a solution
    3. Prove the solution works. This is usually done through testimonials. Even better if you can prove the testifier is real. Signed by a real business with contact info.
    4. Call to action

    The internet provides us an opportunity to create a business that can provide unlimited income. Find out how it is done and get to work.

    1. Kerry Bramham

      Hi Bill,

      That looks like a great formula for writing. My story is based on real people and was my inspiration for joining Wealthy Affiliate. I am certainly glad I did and I have not looked back since.

      Thank you for your feedback.


  5. Sarah

    I love to travel… from an early age, I had a passion to go wherever I could. To this day, I still give my parents a hard time for not letting me go on a trip round Europe! So it was no surprise that I ended up working in the travel industry as Cabin Crew and pretty much travelled a good part of the world while in that job!

    As an expat, I live overseas but I find that now I have my own business (a service but offline) I have to work really hard for my money and it seems like for years I have been building my business…. And I can only earn so much as I charge by the hour! So I am in a time vs money conundrum as I call it. I am hoping to find my way out of this through taking my services online. How could Wealthy Affiliate help me to do this?


    1. Kerry Bramham

      Hi Sarah,

      Sounds like you have lived quite an adventurous life so far. Wealthy Affiliate could help you set up your website, and teach you how to get traffic to that site, then teach you how to make money from your site. The training and support is the best I have ever come across on the internet.

      They have everything you need to set up a successful business so you never need to look further or get scammed by some of the other companies out there just wanting to take your money.

      I truly believe that anyone can be successful with WA if they set their mine to it.

      I hope you are having a great day.


  6. Jovo

    Your story about Paul is interesting and the whole message of the text Retire Early and Travel is indeed tempting. I followed your link to Wealthy Affiliate and find it a fair review about an exceptional platform for online business. To some extent my life story is similar to Paul’s from your text and I am hopeful I could do something similar. Thank you for posting it, I have learned a few things which I needed.

    1. Kerry Bramham

      Hi Jovo,

      Thank you for your comments. This sort of lifestyle is certainly possible for anyone as long as they are willing to work at it.

      I am glad my story inspired you and I am sure you will get to live your dream.


  7. Jo

    That’s a wonderful story!

    Just goes to show you how great working for yourself and building a presence online can change your life.

    What Paul and Michelle did I think most people would love to be able to do too. And it really is a reality if you work at it – anyone can do the same.
    All this is certainly possible if you “stick with it”.

    I find myself in the process of doing somewhat the same thing, and I can’t wait until I can take my business on the road and do a little traveling too.
    That’s one of the nice things about an online business – you can do it from anywhere!

    I love it!

    1. Kerry Bramham

      Hi Jo,

      I’m glad you liked my story, it is actually based on real people and does prove that anyone can do this as long as they are prepared to do the work.

      Having an online business certainly does make it possible to do it from anywhere in the world, as long as you have an internet connection.

      Good luck with your business.


  8. Neil

    Hey, Kerry

    Early retiremnt and seeing the world has always been at the top of my list before materialistic things in life 🙂

    I loved reading your story on Paul and Michelle and how they turned their model train hobby in to a real online business with Wealthy Affiliate.

    This is a story that can help to inspire anyone to start up an online business around their passion in life and become financially free.

    Classic cars is an interest of mine, so I will definitely be looking in to Wealthy Affiliate.


    1. Kerry Bramham

      Hi Neil,

      Classic cars sounds like a great niche and I’m sure you would find enthusiasts all over the world. Wealthy Affiliate is definitely the right place to learn how to make this lifestyle possible.

      Don’t lose sight of your dreams.


  9. Marcus

    Internet marketing really is great for anyone that is retired. With all that extra free time that you need to fill, and lifetime of experiences and wisdom to draw on, retired people have a lot to offer the younger generation.

    The only really big hurdle in the mind of a retired person is the idea of setting up a website. Thankfully, with WordPress this is really super easy. And with the amazing training at Wealthy Affiliate, even the most clueless newbie should be able to set up a website based around their interest.

    Of course, for younger people, this is a great opportunity too. Why not start early and build a business that will last for many years. That’s better than any pension.

    1. Kerry Bramham

      Hi Marcus,

      I totally agree that in the long-run, your website will be better than any pension. That is what bought me to Wealthy Affiliate and I haven’t looked back since. I don’t want to rely on the government, nor do I have a lot of super, so this really is my retirement plan.

      Thank you for your thoughts.


  10. Alex

    Dear Kerry,

    I have always been dreaming of traveling around the world whenever I want. Although I occasionally make a few in a year, I am still looking for an opportunity that allows me to mobilize freely.

    Thanks for this post as I am trying to assure myself that WA works and I have read some posts from some successful ones and it seems to work.

    Thanks again and it is indeed a great post!


    1. Kerry Bramham

      Hi Alex,

      I would like to assure you that Wealthy Affiliate does work but you do need to apply yourself. I hope you do get to live the type of lifestyle you crave, you are certainly on the right track with Wealthy Affiliate.

      Thank you for your lovely comment.


  11. Anh Nguyen

    Travelling is an activity I love. I am just starting out in the business world being 21.
    I am looking to build a business online, make more time and passive income to provide my family and live the life I want.

    Your story is very inspiring and I am happy to hear about your achievements. Thanks for sharing, it really motivates me to move forward.

    And I have to agree with you that Wealthy Affiliate is a great platform with packed with information and an awesome community. The thing about Wealthy Affiliate is how they offer transparent and honest contents without trying to bide you into something just for their own benefits. What you usually get while trying to find a way to make money online.

    1. Kerry Bramham

      Hi Anh,

      You are so lucky to be starting out in this business while you are still so young. I know that if you follow the Wealthy Affiliate program, you will certainly be able to provide for your family and have the life you want. Getting to travel while doing something you love is an added bonus.

      I wish you every success.


  12. George

    Hi Kerry,

    That’s a wonderful story. Truly inspirational for everyone looking to achieve and live the dream.

    You said at Wealthy Affiliate they really have everything a person needs to create and build any business online. But can you really start with no technical background at all?

    If so, I am taking the plunge right now!

    1. Kerry Bramham

      Hi George,

      I do believe that anyone can learn affiliate marketing, as long as they follow the lessons at wealthy affiliate, and take action. The lessons are very easy to follow, Kyle walks you through the process from start to finish of each lesson.

      I think you should go ahead and take the plunge and I wish you every success!



    Wow, what a wonderful story!! I’m so glad you’re both now doing exactly what you love and are able to make a career out of it!! Business trips around the world are always good fun!! 🙂
    I’m only 27 though… please can I retire and travel the world already?! 😛

    1. Kerry Bramham

      If you start now, you could definitely be living whatever sort of lifestyle you want by the time you are 30. The world really is your oyster.

      I think you will do great!


  14. stefan

    Hi there!

    It is an interesting and highly motivational example of how people can change their lives with internet marketing.

    The ability to travel whenever I wanted is something that caught my attention when I first started. I am still in the process of attracting visitor to my website.. this is not easy and requires a lot of work. But the difference is the freedom I can get in the future. When start getting results, the time I have dedicated will not be lost… but is invested!

    With Wealthy affiliate I am able to learn everything to put my online business on the right track and get enough motivation to get going.

    Thanks for a great motivational post!


    1. Kerry Bramham

      Hey Stefan,

      I’m glad you liked my article. Internet Marketing is certainly the only business that I know of that allows you to work anywhere in the world. It does take some work though and as you said, you are working for your future. And, it is true that we are in the right place to learn how to do it successfully.

      Thank you for your feedback.


  15. John Rico

    I always wanted to retire early. Even though I am just 22 right now, I am already thinking of when I’m gonna retire. I really hate my work. I have a boss that always scolds me. I hate waking up early just to catch the train. In short, I already want to live a life just travelling and exploring the world.
    But I know that I won’t be able to do it if I have no business that earns me passive income. So is your recommendation really worth it? How would I know that it is not another scam?

    1. Kerry Bramham

      Hi John,

      I can guarantee you that Wealthy Affiliate is not a scam, it is an education in internet marketing. It is free to join which gives you a really good chance to look around and make up your own mind.

      You are only young John, and if you work really hard on your website now, you will definitely be able to set yourself up to live the lifestyle you desire.

      Wealthy Affiliate will give you the education and the tools to make this happen, the rest is up to you.

      I wish you every success!


  16. Gary

    Thanks for the wonderful story.

    I must admit I’m a little jealous that Paul and Michelle work their business as a couple. I know from experience that this isn’t essential, but I think it would be enjoyable.

    Wealthy Affiliate changed my life too.

    Of course, you don’t have to retire early and travel. I have no intention of retiring at all. I suspect some day my kids will find my cold dead fingers curled over the keypad and a smile on my face.

    I love my online business, thanks to Wealthy Affiliate.

    1. Kerry Bramham

      Hi Gary,

      That is an interesting scenario you paint but at least you have a smile on your face. I guess the point of my story is that it feels like you have retired when you are doing something you love.

      Thank you so much for your positive comments


  17. Andrew

    Retiring early is definitely a dream that most people will have. Who doesn’t want to stop working for money and spend their time enjoying life? But in order to do that, you’ll need to really put in your heart and soul to make your business work. That is the only way. You can’t work a full-time job to early retirement; a business is the only way to go.

    1. Kerry Bramham

      I totally agree Andrew, it does take a bit of hard work but the rewards are well worth it. Life is too short to be stuck in a job you hate, so why not do something you are passionate about and make a living out of it?

      I wish you every success



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