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The Benefits Of Having A Hobby

benefits of having a hobbyWhat are the Benefits of having a Hobby?

The benefits of having a hobby is one topic that does not get discussed often enough. A hobby can heal, it can comfort and it can also create a considerable amount of residual money coming in, all at the same time.

I could go on and on about what I think a hobby is. Let’s go ahead and get an official definition of a hobby. It seems like there are many things that are considered hobbies, so let’s take a look at some of the benefits of having a hobby.

The Benefits of having a Hobby are Many.

You can stay in shape by playing sports as a hobby. This is the best way to dispell unused energy and actually makes you sleep better and is all around good for your overall health.

You can also collect items as a hobby. This can lead to a considerably valuable collection over time and also can be carried over online with your own website to do your trading on and stay in touch with others in your hobby.

Check this place out, they offer a couple of free websites to use in your hobby.

Having a Hobby Relieves Stress and promotes general Well-Being.

benefits having hobbyOne of the best things about having a hobby is it will relieve stress and promote general well-being. There are many people who take a hobby and turn it into a profitable business and then end up having this business as their sole income.

Most hobbies can pay for themselves and also make a bit of pocket cash for the participants, and some can even lead to full-time businesses! These people no longer have to go to the 9 to 5 grind and all the stress that is involved with working for someone else, and that is worth it’s weight in gold!

Having a Hobby gives you a sense of Purpose and Pride.

Another thing a good hobby can do is give you a sense of pride and a purpose for all your extra energy that would be otherwise wasted.

I know a friend who used to sit around watching TV for hours on the week nights and weekends and he ended up getting a very unhealthy outlook on life. I started going through what he liked and we came up with a hobby for him that has turned into a profitable business and he is now working at home living his dream!

Now, not every hobby will have these results but you can turn any hobby into a financial success, it just depends on how far you want to take it.

Time Flies when you are having Fun.

time flies clockOne thing you will notice is that once you start getting into your hobby time just seems to fly by. Fun things have a way of doing that! Why does it seem that sitting at a traffic light for a minute seems to take an hour and sitting and working your hobby for an hour seems to have only taken a minute? Funny how this seems to work out!

A Hobby connects you with Like Minded People.

The best thing about hobbies to me is they bring together what I call like minded people. You know that everyone you are dealing with within your hobby have one thing in common, your hobby. It is a fun way to meet new people and have fun all at the same time!

How to Make Money from your Hobby.

There is a way you can take advantage of your hobby and actually turn it into a part-time or even full-time business. I found a place (Wealthy Affiliate) that offers a free starter membership and they also teach you everything you need to know about making money online.

Free Starter Membership

Their teaching can be used in building yourself a pretty successful hobby website, with a great income.

You can read my Wealthy Affiliate Review, by Clicking Here.

One thing I love about the place is they have a website builder that will build you a free website in minutes. Go ahead and take a minute and build your first free website below Just fill in the name you would like for your site and hit build my site now!

See how easy it is to build your own website!

I hope this article helps you in choosing to get a hobby and where to build your first website for that hobby!

I'm always availableI am always available to discuss your ideas or help you come up with a great, traffic getting domain name. I love being a part of Wealthy Affiliate and am always amazed at the level of help that is available to me from the Wealthy Affiliate community.

I would be very happy to play it forward, so to speak and help as many people as I can to turn their hobbies into long term income plans, thereby enabling a better quality of life, and all the while, doing something you love.

You can contact me by leaving a message below or through my Wealthy Affiliate Profile. I promise I will get back to you.

I hope you are having an awesome day.

kerry bramham

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  1. Stephanie

    Hi Kerry!

    There is definitely something to be said about enjoying what you are doing. If you love what you do, then it is not really “work”. I totally know what you mean about sitting at a traffic light for a minute can seem like forever but an hour spent doing something which gives us joy, flies by like a split second. The key is to find what truly makes you tic and go with it. What do you get the most thrill out of if what we should ask ourselves and turn that into our passion.

    Wealthy Affiliate is a great place where you can discover what you are truly passionate about and build a business from it. Wealthy Affiliate shows you have to build a website, how to do search engine optimization and how to start a successful for affiliate marketing business. Thank you for promoting such a wonderful product for people to pursue their passion with.


    1. Kerry Bramham (Post author)

      Thanks Stephanie,
      There really are a lot of benefits to having a hobby, but I think the most important is the fact that it lowers your stress levels. I don’t think many people realize that they can turn their hobbies into viable businesses. That is what is so great about Wealthy Affiliate, they teach people how to do exactly that. I am so much enjoying learning and growing with Wealthy Affiliate and feel confident that I will never have to go back to working 9 to 5 again.
      Thank you for your comment Stephanie, they are much appreciated.

  2. SC

    Great post! All this talk about making money as a hobby and no one before you wrote about why a hobby can be so good for you, for other reasons!

    1. Kerry Bramham (Post author)

      Hey SC,
      Yes, not a lot of people realize that they are somewhat of an expert in their chosen hobby, or that they can create an income because of that expertise. Wealthy Affiliate is definitely the right place to learn how to do it.
      I appreciate your comment.

  3. Jyl Darlow

    This is a very good article Kerry.
    I myself have a website (through Wealthy Affiliate) on collecting playing cards – that’s my passion, and I just love it. I have decks that have sentimental value and decks that are rare and will increase in monetary value which is exciting.
    I also used to be very much into cross stitching, I always carried my gear with me wherever I went. Completing a design, framing it and giving it to someone as a gift for a wedding or a newborn or whatever is extremely rewarding. I didn’t have the time for a few years but I’m eager to get back into it 🙂
    Thanks for your post – lots of useful info 🙂

    1. Kerry Bramham (Post author)

      Hi Jyl,
      Now there’s a niche I would never have thought of, collecting playing cards. When I think about it, there are certainly many different ones to collect. I would love to take a look at your website. I hope you do take your cross stitching back up, just to keep the stress levels low. I have just started crocheting a Jacket for my girlfriends baby and I realized how much I have missed doing that. A neighbour of mine taught me to crochet when I was a child and I used to really enjoy it, as you said it is very rewarding.
      Good luck with your website, I know you are in good hands with Wealthy Affiliate.


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