How To Retire Early

What Are You Passionate About?

Kerry BramhamHello and Welcome to my Website – How To Retire Early. My name is Kerry Bramham and I have been an online marketer for about four years now. I have built this site with the intention of assisting people to bring their passions to a new level and recognize that it is possible to retire early from your boring day job, by doing something you are truly passionate about.

passionWhat are You Passionate About?

We all have things we love to do, interests and hobbies that bring us pleasure. It is a demonstrated fact that having a hobby has a very positive force on our spirits. Having a hobby can bring fun and play into your life by raising your mood and throwing you a notion of universal well-being. If you want to ease the stress in your life, then having a hobby can help you achieve this.

Can you Make Money doing Something you Love?

Well yes, of course you can. If your passion were say, knitting, you could make some money by selling your work at markets and such. Would you gain a great deal of money doing this? No, in all likelihood not, unless you are a really fast knitter, but even then it would be difficult to turn into a full-time income. Even artists have trouble selling their work, in the beginning.

So, How can you Make a Living from your Passion?

world networkBy reaching out to other people who share your passion and by sharing your experience with them.  As a knitter, you could share designs and knitting tips, etc., or as an artist, you could share your work and the techniques you have used to achieve certain effects. These are just examples, but this can be applied to any hobby you might have.

Modern technology has made it possible to network with people all over the world who share your passion. These like-minded people would become your Niche, and you have something of value to share with them.  By building a following and offering them consistent information and help, you will gain credibility, and people will start to trust your expertise.

Niche MarketingYou need to find out what people are looking for within your Niche and offer them solutions. Once your audience trusts you, you will be able to make suggestions for products and services they might find useful in the pursuit of their hobby. This is called Niche Marketing. If you are unsure what Niche Marketing is, you can read my report by Clicking Here.

Best Money Making Hobbies

From gardening to stamp collecting to photography or travel, just about any hobby can be turned into a money making venture. There are many ways to go about making money from your hobby but, the method I am talking about follows a proven system and can allow you to quit your boring day job by following your passion. It involves building a website around your chosen hobby.

scaredI recognize this might sound a bit scary, but it is rather easy when you possess the right resources to avail you. A short while ago I stumbled onto a company called Wealthy Affiliate, and I haven’t looked back since. I am amazed at how much I have learned in the few short months I have been active within the Wealthy Affiliate community. Click Here to read my Wealthy Affiliate Review now.

How to Retire Early with Wealthy Affiliate

Since joining Wealthy Affiliate, I have managed to build this website about internet marketing, which happens to be my passion. Even though I have worked on the internet for nearly four years, I have only ever had moderate success, until now. I must confess that I have been victim to a few internet scams over my time on the internet, and this is something I would like to help other people avoid.

Not a ScamThe one thing I can guarantee you is that Wealthy Affiliate is definitely not a scam, it is 100% legitimate. By sticking to the task-based lessons provided at Wealthy Affiliate and getting involved with the Wealthy Affiliate community, I have attained a far more honest understanding of what is required to gain success on the internet.

So, What does it take to gain Success on the Internet?

I have to be honest and say it does need some consistent hard work and commitment, but it can be accomplished. You need to follow others who have already gained success and do what they do. You will see many of these people among the Wealthy Affiliate community and they are all very eager to share their knowledge with you.
It also takes time; you are building a business here and as the saying goes ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’, and neither will your business be. You need to allow time for your business to grow. The point is that you are building it around something you love, so it should be enjoyable for you.

websiteAnd, of course, you will need a website. If anyone tells you that you can be successful without one, they are lying. You might gain some small successes (as I did) without one, but it has only been since I joined Wealthy Affiliate and built my website that I have seen my business grow. Click Here to see how easy it is to build a website at Wealthy Affiliate.

What Age can I Retire at?

I believe it is possible to retire at any age by following the Wealthy Affiliate program. I am not saying to go and quit your job right now, as it will take some time to build your business. You will need to allow yourself a good 12 months of consistent work to be making enough income to retire from the rat race.Rat Race

If, for whatever reason, you find that you are at home anyway and have time on your hands, then now would be the perfect time to start building your business. This opportunity is perfect for the unemployed or new Mom’s. You might have already retired from the workforce and are looking for ways to make money in your retirement, Wealthy Affiliate could be the answer you are seeking.

Make Money doing Something you Love.

We have already established that having a hobby is good for you, but what if you could spend more time following your passion? What if your passion Travelwas travel? Wouldn’t you love traveling to your favorite destinations, writing about your adventures? You could recommend places you have stayed, experiences you have had along the way, even the luggage you are carrying. The possibilities are endless.

Travel is a particularly good example to use, as who wouldn’t like to live that sort of lifestyle? The great thing about the internet lifestyle is that as long as you have an internet connection, you can manage your business from anywhere in the world. You can even do it from your mobile phone, it has never been easier, thanks to technology.

Working on the BeachImagine, sitting on the beach of your exotic Greek Island resort and writing a blog about the adventures you’ve had that day? This lifestyle is certainly possible but unless you know how to set up a website, attract visitors to your website and earn revenue from your writing, you might find yourself a little lost.

Well, the good news is that it is easier than you might think. By following the task-based lessons at Wealthy Affiliate and taking action, you could have your site set up in a matter of minutes. Of course you will need to add some quality content that will bring traffic to your website, but don’t worry, you will learn how to do this through the training at Wealthy Affiliate. You can take a look ar the First Lesson by Clicking Here.

Take your passion and make it happenTake your Passion and Make it Happen!

You will be very surprised at how quickly your website will come together if you follow the lessons and take action on a daily basis. You will never need to feel stuck on anything as there is always someone within the Wealthy Affiliate community to help you out. Type in a question and within minutes, you will have an answer.

If you are looking for something that will make you rich within weeks (which would probably be a scam), then this isn’t for you. As I said earlier, it takes some time to build credibility and a following on the internet. It is vital for you to get educated on how to do it properly from the beginning. Wealthy Affiliate does that! It instructs you on how to do things the proper way right from the start.

Wealthy Affiliate is my Retirement Plan!

RetirementMy other plan is to help as many people as possible follow their passion and not spend their lives being tied to a mundane job that they hate. If you are passionate about something and would be interested in learning more about how you can turn that passion into an income and retire doing something you love, Click Here to join Wealthy Affiliate for free now. You can get started right away.

I am available to offer my personal help and support to anyone who needs it. If you have any questions or would like to make a comment, you may do so below, or you could contact me through my Wealthy Affiliate Profile.

I hope you are having a wonderful day!

Kerry Bramham

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  1. Shawn

    Hi Kerry!
    Nice site you have here!
    I love the sounds of how to retire early this is a great approach to helping people, which I know is what you are all about!
    Keep up the good work.


    1. Kerry Bramham (Post author)

      Hi Shawn,
      Thank you for your remarks, it’s good to know I’m on the right track. You are right, I very much hope to help other people learn how they can change their life and have a lot more freedom to do the things they really want to. This is my aim.

  2. Roberto

    I love the enthusiasm you show with building an online business. I’ve dabbled as a hobbyist with marketing online with my passion for fitness, and have just taken off with Wealthy Affiliate as my vehicle. If you don’t mind me asking, after 4 years of consistent effort, are your online efforts providing a fulltime income for you? I understand that is not the do all end all, but for many people it is, and I’d like your first hand account. Thanks for the information.

    1. Kerry Bramham

      Hi Roberto,

      I have had some successes over the last few years but not as much as I am having with Wealthy Affiliate. I have also been caught up with a few scams, so I feel blessed to have found WA. I have only been here for just over 6 months and I can’t wait to see where I will be in another 6.

      I am sure you will do great with your online business, you are certainly in the right place to make it happen.

      Good luck!


  3. Jovo

    Hi Kerry, interesting text. Your title attracted my attention because I am indeed passionate about something and I have even built a site about it. This is about mountains, my great passion.

    So how to make living from this is a big issue. General ideas I have understood, and I think you present them nicely in your text. But my reality is still far from any stable income from the site and the passion. It is not so simple, I guess the traffic is one of main issues and this needs time. What is your estimate about time needed to have a stable flow of income once you start a site? Thank you.

    1. Kerry Bramham

      Hi Jovo,

      It is hard to say when a site will start making money, it depends on so many things. If you follow the training at Wealthy Affiliate and take action on what you have learned, it will definitely happen though.

      I wish you every success.


  4. Cathy

    Although retirement is a faraway topic for me, I am have met enough retired people to make me realized the importance of planning it early. And it all starts from how I manage my finance now.

    Now that I am still capable, I don’t mind enduring extra hours at work (even if I don’t like it) as long as I can save enough to invest in my online business.

    Once the business starts to get a bit more traction, I can’t wait to reduce my working hours and eventually retire from it (hopefully earlier) and start exploring my long list of ‘passionate things.’

    At times like this, I am always motivated by the quote “Life is short. Do what you love.”

    1. Kerry Bramham

      Hi Cathy,

      Life is short, and we do need to plan for our future. As long as you take consistent action with your website, you will get there.

      I admire your work ethic.


  5. Harry Kaelber

    You have a clean and well put together website. I like how you use the images in it. they all fit right in with what you are talking about.This is the biggest thing I need to learn how to do. I like how you blend it all together and lead to the point.

  6. Kerry Bramham

    Thanks Harry,

    It really helps when someone compliments your efforts. I have always loved playing with photos, so I really enjoy putting my posts together. There is plenty of information at Wealthy Affiliate to help you find photos and charts for your posts. Actually, there is plenty of information at Wealthy Affiliate about anything to do with running a successful website. It is all about learning.

    I’m sure you will do great Harry.


  7. Ehab

    Hello there,

    Good post & very organised in points and photos, one of my best dreams is to retire early and be my own manager i just started the affiliate marketing from 1 month & working hard to achieve my goal, thanks for sharing & good luck with WA 🙂


    1. Kerry Bramham

      Hey Ehab,

      Thank you, I appreciate your feedback. If you are following along with the Wealthy Affiliate training, then you can’t go wrong.

      I wish you every success!


  8. Alex

    Hi Kerry,

    Thanks for sharing this post. I am a huge fan of photography and I like to travel. I am planning to blog about travel photography as my niche.

    As I have read from other articles, traffic is the key to success and this needs time. I wonder how I can monetize my site if I am going in this direction. Could you please advise?

    1. Kerry Bramham

      Hi Alex,

      Photography and travel are two things that I have an interest too. There are many ways to monetize your site once you have built a relationship with your audience. Think about the equipment and resources you use in pursuit of your hobbies. Do you like a particular camera or lens? Or can you recommend a good photography course?

      Write reviews about the things you use, be honest and enjoy yourself. Once you build trust with your audience the monetization will come.

      I wish you every success.


  9. Adam

    Dear Kerry,

    What a great article, very inspiring! And I happen to be one of those who are craving for a life built by themselves. (I’m totally drained by wotking for others and not being able to express my ideas).

    There is one thing to confess: I’m 29, not about to retire now. But I am to work hard! 😀

    Wealthy Affiliate seems like a great opportunity for me! I have some concerns though: don’t you think the IM market is full? I feel like everybody is trying it but still just a few succeed.

    If working hard is enough to succeed, I will make it. I’m a hard worker and willing to make efforts.

    Thank you for your post, I give Wealthy Affiliate a try!


    1. Kerry Bramham

      Hi Adam,

      I don’t believe that the internet marketing niche is full, as there are so many aspects to it. The thing with wealthy affiliate though, is you can choose any niche and learn how to be successful with it.

      You sound like you are determined to succeed, so therefore, you will. Just remember, it does take time but with hard work and determination, you will get there.

      I wish you every success.


  10. Darren

    I’m passionate about music, about creating music. Do you think music is a niche that could be profitable? I would really love to be able to make money out of music in one form or another. Maybe I can achieve that by promoting music related products on a website.

    If I join Wealthy Affiliate will it help me to make money from my passion?

    1. Kerry Bramham

      Hi Darren,

      There are many people on the Wealthy Affiliate platform who have a passion for music and many have related websites that they are doing very well with. So, in answer to your question, yes, it is possible.

      If your passion is creating music, you could build a website around your genre and sell your recordings. You could also promote speakers etc and other musical equipment.

      I wish you great success with it.



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