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What Is JVZoo? – JVZoo Review

jvzoo affiliate programProduct Name: JVZoo Affiliate Program
Overall Ranking: 85/100
Price: Free for Vendors and Affiliates


What is JVZoo?

JVZoo is a marketing platform for digital products. They make it easy for sellers to promote, list and sell their products and give affiliate marketers some great digital products to promote.

They have a huge marketplace with all sorts of digital products to promote. No matter what niche you are in, JVZoo has you covered. They have 21 different categories to choose from with hundreds of digital products on offer.

Take a look at the JVZoo Marketplace for yourself.

Pro’s and Con’s of JVZoo

pro's of jvzooPro’s

  • It is free:-
    JVZoo is absolutely free for both Vendors and Affiliates.
  • Instant Payments:-
    You will get paid instantly via your PayPal account, although, as a new affiliate some Vendors will want you to wait out the refund period.
  • JVZoo uses Affiliate Cookies:-
    Whenever you send a referral to any JVZoo seller product, your cookies will be saved, so if that referral purchases another product from that Vendor (even in the future), you will get paid automatically.
  • Generous Commissions:-
    Because digital products cost nothing to distribute, most sellers are happy to offer you 50 percent of the affiliate sale on their products.
  • Excellent Sales Stats and Tracking:-
    Sales Stats are essential to show you what offers are converting and what your most popular products are. JVZoo offers plenty of stats for your products, with great tracking so you can see what is working.
  • Great Variety of Categories:-
    JVZoo is a great place to find targeted products for your niche. Looking over their marketplace, I think I can safely save that JVZoo would have a product suitable for most niches.

con's of jvzooCon’s

  • Not all Products are Gold:-
    Adding a digital product to the JVZoo database is easy, so it stands to reason that you will find some utter rubbish amongst the good stuff. You will need to sort the wheat from the chaff, so to speak.
  • Applications:-
    You will have to submit an application to the Vendor to request permission to promote their products and they have the right to refuse you.
  • Upsells:-
    One thing I have found with nearly every JVZoo product I have purchased is the amount of upsells they offer. I do find upsells rather tiresome so I generally just keep clicking through until I get to the product I have purchased.
  • Refunds:-
    Refunds are a fact of any product, be it digital or otherwise. I mentioned earlier that new affiliates usually have to wait out the refund policy time until they get paid. Therefore, if someone requests a refund before the refund period is up, you will not get paid.
    Older affiliates do get paid instantly but if someone requests a refund, JVZoo will take that money back out of their PayPal account.

jvzoo refundTalking about refunds, I have requested a few back from JVZoo and I am happy to report that my requests were handled in a very efficient manner. The funds were back in my PayPal account the very next day.

Who is JVZoo For?

JVZoo is for the makers of digital products as well as affiliate marketers who are looking to promote these products on their websites and blogs. There are many other digital marketplaces on the internet today, but I really like JVZoo.

You might need to sort through their products to find a good one, but there are some really great products available on JVZoo. You will be sure to find something that would do well within you niche.

Training and Tools Overview

jvzoo trainingTraining

JVZoo has an extensive knowledge base with 27 videos for Product Vendors and 16 videos for Affiliates. They even have a video for customers telling you how to go about getting a refund on a product you have purchased.

If you would like to learn about Affiliate Marketing, you can see my number 1 learning program – Here


jvzoo toolsThey have a pretty cool widget creator, and there is an Ad Manager plugin that is available for WordPress sites.

There are also a few other tools that are optional, but you will have to pay for them.

These are:-

  • Licence Engine – To protect the software that you create.
  • JVZooHost – JVZoo offer hosting at competitive prices.
  • ScriptDoll – Teaches you how to write script for killer sales funnels.
  • GetResponse – Autoresponder for building your list.
  • ValueAddon – Creates memberships sites that are hosted on the cloud with Amazon S3.

jvzoo paid tools

JVZoo Support

I have had occasion to contact JVZoo Support (as a customer), in the past, about login issues. They got back to me straight away to let me know that I would need to contact the Vendor to help me resolve the issue.

So, while they couldn’t help me, they did get back to me straight away and even sent a follow-up email to make sure I had resolved the issue.


is jvzoo a scamIs JVZoo a Scam?

If you want to promote JVZoo products, the one thing I would advise would be to purchase the products yourself and try them out. Remember, you will be able to request a refund if the product falls short of your expectations.

You wouldn’t try to sell juice to your customers unless you had tried it first yourself, would you? The same rule should apply to digital products, especially if you want to write a review of the product.

Would I recommend JVZoo to you?

would I recommend jvzoo to youYes, I would.
As internet marketers, we have many choices of products we can promote. With JVZoo, I like that you get paid straight into your PayPal account. I also like the variety of products that are available.

I will be reviewing a few JVZoo products in the near future – Watch this space.

Ready to become a JVZoo Affiliate?Click Here.

See how easy it is to find JVZoo products to promote.

Have you promoted JVZoo products? If so, I would love to hear about your experience with them and what your favorite products are. You can leave your comments or questions below, and I will get back to you.

I do hope you are having a lovely day.
Kerry Bramham



If you have fellow Affiliate Marketers whom you think might benefit from being a JVZoo Affiliate, please share.

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  1. Benjamin

    Hello Kerry,

    This is a well convincing article and had engaged my curiosity. I will bookmark this for a future reference because I would like to take full advantage of an opportunity as this.

    It really answered all my questions whilst I read through the content made sense to join.

    I hope it will work out for me when I decide to apply.

    Your friend,


    1. Kerry Bramham

      Hi Benji,

      It does make sense to join as it is free. They have some good products and it costs you nothing to find them. I have applied to promote a couple of products and will be reviewing them soon.

      Good luck with things.


      1. kiran kumar

        you mail id please.. i want some information


        1. Kerry Bramham (Post author)

          Hi Kiran
          You can reach me at
          I would be happy to supply you with any information you require.
          Have a great day

  2. Patrick

    I was approved by them but have trouble getting up my tax info. I think it was an old computer. I just go a new laptop, so I’ll try again. Thanks for the reminder, I forgot I even had a n account with them.

    1. Kerry Bramham (Post author)

      Hi Patrick,
      I am in Australia so haven’t had to fill the tax info in. I hope you get it sorted as I think it is important that we take care of our individual tax issues.
      Good luck to you.

  3. blubutterfly

    Hi Kerry, I had never heard of Jvzoo Jvzoo before I read this review. I think it’s definitely worth looking into further, I used to use clickbank years ago as an affiliate advertising digital products, I will have to go check this site out, thanks heaps for this information.much appreciated 🙂

    1. Kerry Bramham

      Hi Blubutterfly,

      They are worth checking out as they cover a wide variety of niches. I have bought some products that I didn’t really like but it is easy to get a refund. One of my favorite products I have bought through JVZoo is Explaindio video creation. I plan to do a review on that very soon.

      Thanks for your feedback.


  4. DroGodina

    I’ll be darned. XD I really can’t believe that Affilorama has upsells in its platform after a bit of the positive reviews I’ve read across the net. After reading this review of JVZoo, I’m glad to know that there are still some programs out there which- although on their way- still have the consumer’s best interest in mind. Great review!

    1. Kerry Bramham

      Hi DroGodina,

      The thing I like about JVZoo is that it is free. They do have some really good products but there is some rubbish too. I like to look for things that would be helpful to me.

      I appreciate your comment.


  5. Brian

    I’ve never heard of JVZoo but it sounds interesting. Great review of it and I think I’ll check it out as for another stream of income for myself. I love things that are free 🙂 So that makes my decision a little easier. I’m assuming your using it since you said you’ve had to be refunding for certain things. Besides that, how’s it going?

    1. Kerry Bramham

      Hi Brian,

      Yes, I have bought products from JVZoo in the past but I have only just signed up for the affiliate program. I intent to do some reviews on the products I have used, because I think it is important to be using the product yourself, if you want to promote them.

      Things are going pretty well, thanks Brian.


  6. Chris

    I’ve never actually gone as far as using this affiliate vender because I’ve always been stuck in the ‘clickbank zone’ ( if you know what I mean! ).
    What would you views be on comparing the two?
    Are the products similar and do you see more success with one over the other?

    1. Kerry Bramham

      Hi Chris,

      I have used Ckickbank before and don’t have a problem with them. Some vendors list their products on both platforms so you could find similar products on both.

      I like the fact that JVZoo pays you directly into your PayPal account.

      Have a great day.


  7. Edy

    Hi Kerry!
    I have never heard of JVZoo before. It seems to be an excellent Affiliate Network for both affiliates and vendors. I especially like their cost free for accessing the marketplace. And I also love promoting digital products as the commissions are normally higher compare to physical ones. I would definitely check this out! Anyway, thanks for your honest review here, I appreciate the effort. 🙂

    1. Kerry Bramham

      Hi Edy,

      Thank you for your feedback. I really do like JVZoo’s products, they have some pretty cool stuff. I particularly like Explaindio Video Creation software. I will be posting a review on Explaindio shortly.

      Thanks again


  8. Eric

    Great review! I am an aspiring affiliate marketer. JVZoo sounds like just the thing I have been looking for. Being new to the business I am having trouble finding products and services to be an affiliate of. Thanks to you I now have a wonderful resource. I will keep you updated on my progress. Thanks again!

    1. Kerry Bramham

      Hi Eric,

      I would love to hear of your progress. You can contact me through my WA Profile.

      I think you will like JVZoo, just remember to sift through the offers and try a product first before promoting it.

      I wish you good luck.


  9. Maarten

    Hi Kerry

    Very interesting platform! I had a skim through it and it looks promising. It is true that you really have to skim through the stuff they are offering tho. 🙂 But yeah if you want to find something you have to search!

    How long are the cookies for btw? Are they lifetime cookies or a certain period of time?

    Cheers and thanks for the great info.

    1. Kerry Bramham

      Hi Maarten,

      I never promote anything that I do not use myself, so I look for programs to promote that I find useful. You do need to do a bit of sifting but that is the same no matter what affiliate platform you use.

      JVZoo do have lifetime cookies.

      I hope this helps.


  10. Lynne

    Thank you for a great review of Jvzoo. I have never heard of them until now and I am always on the look out for great affiliate opportunities.
    Thank you for all the pros and cons listed, that is very helpful. Every company has some cons and it helps to be aware of those before you start so you know what you can expect.

    1. Kerry Bramham

      Hi Lynne,

      You are right, there are always cons with any business. My experience with JVZoo have always been positive though. If you do take up an offer with them, I would love to hear how it goes.

      Good luck


  11. Shawn

    I am curious and am going to check this one out a bit further.
    I like the idea of the bigger commissions and I do not like Amazon one bit so maybe this would be a good fit.
    I do have a question as far as selling your own products there. How would you go about doing that?
    Have you tried to sell your own product through this site?


    1. Kerry Bramham

      Hi Shawn,

      I have to be honest and say that I have never listed a product of my own, (I don’t actually have one), but if you go to there are two buttons there:- one to become a seller, and the other to become an affiliate. If you click on the become a seller button, it will take you to a page with all the information you need.

      I hope this helps


  12. jamesdanner

    Impressive, certainly can’t say that you missed anything. There more information there than anybody would need to make a decision. You should have gone into politics, a full page defining a hobby. Just pulling your leg. I’m impressed, I can’t think of any suggestions for you to improve on you site. Have a wonderful and productive day.

    1. Kerry Bramham

      Hi James,

      I’m glad you found my article informative. I do use a lot of JVZoo products (mostly software), so I have had a fair bit of experience with them. I love the explaindio video creator software the best. It is fun making animated videos and this software makes it easy.

      I hope you have a wonderful and productive day too.


  13. Market Merchant

    Very nicely writen article and great choice in website. Very unique and outstanding. Truley unlike the rest.
    Mainly due to the fact that I have not seen a website such as this one before. I have seen similiar, but never anything of this caliber. This goes beyond what I would expect and to a new world and level of understanding. It is absolutely amazing. You have answered every question before I can even ask it. WOW!

    1. Kerry Bramham

      Hi Market Merchant,

      Thank you so much for your lovely comments, I do try to make my website pleasing for my readers so I really appreciate your comments. I often question if my work is good enough, so it is great to get some positive feedback. I have only been able to achieve this through my association with Wealthy Affiliate.

      I wish you well.


  14. Neil

    I have been a member of JVZoo in the past, have promoted a few affiliate products, and I found the program very reliable when it comes to making commission payments 🙂

    JVZoo is an easy affiliate platform to use, and there are some great products to promote.

    Thanks for a great review on this program, and I do highly recommend JVZoo to anyone wanting to make some money on the internet.


    1. Kerry Bramham

      Hi Neil,

      There are so many affiliate sites to choose from and I agree, JVZoo is one of the better ones. My favourite JVZoo product is Explaindio Video Creator. I use it all the time and think it is well worth the money.

      I am glad you liked my review.


  15. Derek Marshall

    HI there,

    I am an affiliate with JVzoo and I have been so for nearly 2 years. really like the fact that I can be paid my commissions straight into my paypal, which I manage, by making withdrawals only on per-quarter basis so that any refunds asked for, well the money is there anyway!

    I too have had no problem with JVZoo and their asking for refund on low quality products that I sold (as an affiliate)

    1. Kerry Bramham

      Hi Derek,

      Of all the affiliate programs, I like JVZoo the best. I have found the refund requests quite few and far between and actually use the products that I promote myself. I think that is the trick really, to know your products.

      I appreciate you input.


  16. Elvis Ekoigiawe

    Why do vendor not respond to affiliate who are just beginning the affiliate business request.

    I apply for series of affiliate offer and my applications are denied.

    1. Kerry Bramham (Post author)

      Hi Elvis,
      I am not quite sure what your question is but I will try to answer as best I can. I assume you have applied to be an affiliate for some of JVZoo’s products. When you are just starting out it can be hard to convince the vendor that you are serious able promoting their products. Have you tried to explain your situation and let the vendor know that you are serious? If not, I would try to apply again explaining your situation and letting them know that you deserve a chance.
      I hope this helps and I wish you luck.

  17. Tariqul

    I’m glad to know your post and marketplace for affiliate thanks for great sharing.

    1. Kerry Bramham (Post author)

      Hi Tariqul,
      There are many options for finding affiliate products to market. I do find JV Zoo to be one of the better platforms to work with and like that you get paid straight into your paypal account.
      I appreciate your comment.

  18. David

    Great content! You should take a look at ExoFunnels when you have a minute.

    They’re similar to ClickBank, JVZoo, WarriorPlus, etc. But they have a ton of ways they help affiliates and vendors generate more revenue. For example, whenever a customer purchases a product, they start promoting additional products to them and use your affiliate link.

    So, if your the affiliate or vendor that’s associated with a specific purchase, your affiliate link will be used to promote other products instead of them just taking the credit for those sales like other networks do.

    Also, you can earn money by referring new affiliates and/or vendors to their network. I don’t think any of their competitors offer an option like that. Just another way to make money with them 🙂

    1. Kerry Bramham (Post author)

      Hi David,
      Thank you for the advice. I haven’t heard of Exofunnels but I will look into it as it does sound rather interesting.
      I appreciate your comment.


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